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Sharing memories with your friends is much more easier now. Download the Skycam App, click the picture and upload it in the desired album.

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Top Features

Here is the glimpse of all the premium features
that the Skycam App provides to its users.

Capture Moments

Click photos as well as videos with the camera to capture the moments and save them to the desired album then and there.

Customized Gallery For Your Phone

Create distinctive albums on the app and save the media on the desired one.

No Internet Required

No matter what is location is, share anytime anywhere. This app requires no network and internet connection.

Time-Effective Share

Share the picture the moment its clicked. No need to share them seperately, now you can just save the picture on the app and share immediately.

Smarter Camera

Apply filters, various scene modes, coloreffects, exposure compensation,HD effects, and much more.

Supports Android System

The app supports android system and is easliy available for download.

About The App

Download the Skycam app and get started with it in just a few clicks.

Skycam app eliminates the hassle of sharing the pictures and videos. This clicking and sharing app is just the perfect solution to save all the memories in a seperate folder that can be accessed by all.

How It Works

Share your memories the moment they are created.

Skycam app allows you to click picture with the in-built camera. After the moment is captured, it gives the user an option to save the picture in the relevant folder, which further can be viewed by all the other friends who have the same app downloaded on their smartphones and have the access to the folder.

Why It's Worth Downloading

Updated version that enables click and share on a single platform

Lets agree the fact that we all put the photographer in the spot to transfer all the captured media to us , which is undoubtedly a troublesome task. Skycam app reduces this fuss and allows the person to save the picture directly on the app once its clicked.


What Our Users Says

No more spending time sending photos of the recent party to a friend on whatsapp. The Skycam app is all that was needed.

Ena Shah

Teacher at Abc School

In the recent past, I along with my group went on a trip and clicked countless photos. But the best part of the trip was the Skycam app. We clicked the pictures on the app and saved it in the folder that was created for the trip. This enabled each one of us to have access to the entire album on our phones. Thanks to the app, I am now free from sending all the images on whatsapp.

Mrs. Gosh


Such a great thought by the app developers. Loved the app!

John Doe